Celebrate America

The clock is ticking and event organizers are running out of time to make sure everything is set for this year's Celebrate America festival in Tallahassee. Will everything be ready on time?

Tents are going up, roads are getting taped off and trash cans are in place. Organizers have been preparing all weekend for the annual Celebrate America festival at Tom Brown Park.

"Today we're getting party line to put up all the tents for us and everything is going good," said Billy Holder, the executive director of Celebrate America.

The first performer may not go on stage until 3 p.m., but organizers want to make sure everything is perfect. They say so far, so good; of course, weather permitting.

Kevin Crist, premise specialty manager, said, "It'll be on time. Billy runs a tight shift and everybody does what they're supposed to do and gets things done on time always, we'll be good."

Preparing for the elaborate fireworks display took days and can be stressful at times, but in the end it's all worth it. Organizers say the fireworks are going to be better then ever this 4th of July celebration, all thanks to a few extra sponsors.

"So we're doing twice as much as we've done in the past in the same amount of time," added Holder.

Organizers want everyone to come out and enjoy in the festivities. The fireworks display will start at 9:45 p.m.