Shasta Groene Found Alive

Eight-year-old Shasta Groene is reunited with her father after missing for six weeks. Police are still searching for her nine-year-old brother Dylan.

The two siblings have been missing since May 15 from their home where family members were discovered bludgeoned to death.

In the 24 hours since her astonishing reappearance, little eight-year-old Shasta Groene has been reunited with her father and relieved family members at the medical center where she's reported to be in good condition and talking to investigators about where she's been, what she's been through and what she knows.

"She's a little girl who's been through who knows what over the last six weeks, and we have to take it slow and meticulous," said CAPT Ben Wolfinger with the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office.

Missing for six weeks, Shasta was spotted early Saturday morning with 42-year-old Joseph Edward Duncan, a registered sex offender who had served time for rape and was out on bail for a new charge of molesting a young boy.

Duncan and Shasta walked into an Idaho Denny's. An alert employee called 911. Here is a bit from that 911 call: "Hi this is Linda, manager from Denny's. I've got a little girl here with a tall gentleman and she looks so much like that Shasta."
Still missing is Shasta's nine-year-old brother Dylan. Investigators believe he is dead, but say he is still their number one priority.

"Our goal is to find Dylan one way or the other," said authorities. The children had been missing since mid May when police found the their mother, 13-year-old brother and the mother's boyfriend bound and bludgeoned to death in the family home.

Lawmen are investigating whether Duncan was involved, but for now the most haunting question lingers of why did this crime occur, as flowers, cards and balloons pour in for little Shasta, well wishes for everything she's been through as unthinkable as that may be.