Shark Attacks

Shark attacks off Florida beaches have many worried about going in the water this holiday weekend, but a University of Florida expert says using some common sense in the water can reduce your chances of encountering a shark.

The death of a Louisiana girl from a shark bite last weekend and another attack on Monday could scare some people away from the beach. Shark experts say while having more people in the water increases the odds of an attack, the chances remain slim.

George Burgess, a University of Florida shark expert, said, “We can reduce that risk considerably by following certain rules. One of the best rules is staying out of the water at dawn and dusk, time periods where sharks are active and feeding and a period where the shark, which has many senses, has a huge advantage over humans."

Burgess says following simple rules like avoiding wearing shiny jewelry and staying away from drop-offs in the water could cut the risk of attack in half.