Mr. Food: Flavored Tea

One of our summertime favorites is certainly iced tea! It's been popular since it was discovered almost a century ago.

Well, as a matter of fact, just last month we were talking about how ice cream cones were discovered at the St. Louis World's Fair and, coincidentally, so was iced tea! The story goes that, on a sweltering day, an Englishman's tea concession wasn't doing much business, so he added ice to his beverage and suddenly a hit was born!

Today we're downing gallons of it all summer long! And to easily give our iced tea even more pizzazz, whether our own brewed or from a mix, a bit of flavorful, I-made-it-myself pride is just a few stirs away! Look what we can do.

Here we've simply added fruit-flavored gelatin or our favorite drink mix to a large pitcher of iced tea. It'll dissolve just like sugar. That easily, we have another option to tempt our taste buds, because we can do the same by adding any of our favorite extracts or fruit juice like cranberry, orange or lemonade, and it’s a super-wow! And with a slice of fresh fruit as garnish, it's even more wow!

One of my favorite little tricks is to seed and cut up watermelon into ice-cube-sized chunks, freeze them, and use them instead of regular cubes to both cool and flavor our drinks! Add a sprig of mint and we've got a whole new excitement! Why, you can't count the wows! Next time we've got a big thirst to quench, we've now got a lot of tasty new ideas for making our tea-time even more…"OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"