Meth Bust

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Law enforcement bust a methamphetamine lab, but they are still on the hunt for the suspects who ran the lab. The landlords of the property called the authorities when they suspected the renter was making meth there.

Law enforcement and firefighters worked through the night and most of the morning to break down and decontaminate the meth lab found on the western edge of Leon County just off Highway 20.

The owners of the home say they called Leon County sheriff's deputies to 3375 Whippoorwill Drive because of suspicious materials they saw at their rental property.

Ronald Moore, the father of the homeowner, says, "When we walked in the shed, we noticed smoke around in the room with our flashlights and we thought it may be a fire or something, and we looked around and we saw some chemicals and it looked like it was smoking and stuff."

Officers say it was a little after midnight when they got the call from the owners.

LT Rob Swearingen of LCSO says, "Deputies responded to the scene. Upon arrival there were no suspects present. However, they did discover items that did appear to be a methamphetamine lab."

Law enforcement are searching for two white male suspects in their late 20s. Moore says he saw the renter of the home, Jack Pepper, coming out of the shed before he went in to investigate.

Officers say arrests are pending. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement and the Tallahassee Fire Department helped deputies decontaminate the area.

Deputies say the process of making meth creates toxic by-products and fumes and that's why it takes a while to clean up and depose of all of the materials.