Born on the 4th of July - 100 Years Ago

Hattie Turner is a woman who's young at heart. Hattie Turner has reached a milestone, turning 100 years "young" on America's birthday.

The daughter of slaves was born at high noon in Gadsden County. She says the secret to longevity is following these simple golden rules.

Hattie says, "Do unto others as you want them to do to you, treat people good, be honest, work for what you want, don't steal."

They’re life lessons she's passed on to five generations of her family, and throughout the day, Turner was receiving calls from various family members wishing her a happy birthday.

Eula Mae Walker, Turner's daughter, says, "She's a sweet mom, a caring mom, she was a strict mom. She didn't spare the road and I'm thankful to have a mom like that."

She’s a mom who's witnessed a century of life and has passed on a world of knowledge and history to her family, including the history of a 140-year-old sword passed on to her by her late father. Now it's a memento she's held onto for decades.

The best gift she says is to see a few more years. For now, Turner is taking it easy and plans on savoring some watermelon as she celebrates this milestone.

Turner has seven children, 47 grandchildren, 81 great grandchildren and 24 great-great grandchildren. Her family is planning a big party on the 16th.

Happy birthday!