Aces and Aesthetics

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The tennis courts at McKey Park are empty as crews work to fully repair and update the park to meet its future needs.

Recreation leaders say it's important to keep this and other local parks in full working order.

Brockey Brock, Parks and Recreation Director, says, "Probably the most important factor in everyone's life is health or having good health or lack thereof, and we want to emphasize that we want people to get out and enjoy the parks."

If other recent park projects are any indication, the repairs should work wonders in attracting more people.

Tennis enthusiasts say they're very glad to see this type of work being done to all these courts at McKey Park. They're hopeful once all the work is done, more folks will be drawn in to play the game for its many benefits.

Tad Evans, a tennis enthusiast, says, "As with anything, looks enhance people's enthusiasm or interest in something. It's a pretty park with trees, but without the trees it wouldn't be as pretty a park."

Recreation supporters are also hoping to transform Scott Park, with a modern playground, a playground that could give another community of children a fun, active place to spend their days.

The cost of both projects would be around $100,000, but the repairs to Scott Park must still be approved by Valdosta leaders.