Naturalization Ceremony Part of Celebrate America Festivities

Thousands of celebrations were held across the nation, including one in Tallahassee at Tom Brown Park.

July 4 is the day millions of Americans all over the world celebrate the birth of a nation. At Tom Brown Park, thousands gathered for food, fun activities for young and old, music and American camaraderie.

Alanna Lashaway said, "It's great! Got to chill out and have fun, and see friends."

But this year's July Fourth celebration is different for Thanwat Snyder. It's even safe to say July 4, 2005 will remain in his memory forever as the day his life changed.

Thanwat Snyder, a naturalized citizen, said, "I feel relieved. It was a long process."

For 23 years, Thanwat has been living in America, but with out the same rights as his friends.

Cameron Javanmardi, a friend, added, "I think it's great. I think it's a wonderful thing to happen for him. I'm sure he's excited to have the same rights we do."

The u.s. government estimates thousands of new Americans were sworn-in all across the nation.