Gadsden County School District Ranks #2 in State

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Gadsden County school officials have something to brag about.

Gadsden is one of the top 10 districts to earn high marks for school improvement, raising the bar on academic excellence.

Gadsden County school officials say they're living up to their motto of "building a brighter future." The Department of Education informed them the county has improved tremendously.

Gadsden County's superintendent, Reginald James, is elated after hearing the school district ranks number two in state in improving test scores.

"It's a great way to start the school year off knowing you are in the top districts in the state making progress. It keeps the momentum going. I think we've got the momentum going with our schools and we're certainly heading in the right direction. It's just good news to hear," says James.

James says Chattahoochee Elementary is the most successful story in the county. After earning two Fs, the school was just few points shy of a B grade.

School officials credit the community for their tireless efforts in reaching out to students who need that extra help.

Robert Lewis says, "The old saying is that we are family. That's the thing I believe among our teachers and our staff and our community, that we are family."

These teachers are hoping to make giant steps to make this year an even greater success.

Roger Lewis, Principal of Chattahoochee Elementary, says, "Gadsden has been at the bottom for a long time, and the Bible tells us those who have been at the bottom shall rise to the top. This is Gadsden's time to shine."

The superintendent says the district has implemented a no excuse policy, and with continued hard work and determination, the schools will continue to excel.

This grading period quite a few of the schools earned a C grade. This year they hope to earn Bs and As.