Residents Speak Out on Proposed Fallschase Development

A few hundred residents living on Tallahassee's east side say “not so fast.”

There was a Town Hall meeting Monday night at Buck Lake Elementary. On the table, a proposal for 2,500 residential units and more than a million square feet of commercial office space in Fallschase.

Marilyn Rubin, a Buck Lake resident, says, "Sounds like it doesn't belong in a quiet little Buck Lake area at all."

Daryl Givens, also a Buck Lake resident, says, "Any time you do a development this scale there's usually a lot of flood issues; there are questions about where to put retention ponds and that sort of thing."

Developers have had their eyes on this area for decades, but now that buildings are running out of land options here in Leon County, the desire for this property in Fallschase is rapidly increasing.

A mixture of financial and environmental issues has halted development in the area. Developers with AIG Baker out of Birmingham say they've heard the concerns of those living in the area and want to move forward.

Ron Carlson of AIG Baker Properties says, "We want to be good citizens to Tallahassee and do our part to maintain the water quality in Tallahassee and beyond."

John Dew, President of Buck Lake Alliance, says, "Fallschase is going to be the biggest development here on the east side. For as long as I've been here, about 25 years, we're expecting to see something as big as Governor's Square Mall."

Buck Lake Alliance members feel speaking out is their way of protecting their "gateway" into the capital city.

Two public hearings on the Fallschase proposal will be held on August 30 and September 13 at the Leon County Courthouse.