Tallahassee Jury Decides Life in Prison for Convicted Killer

"We the jury recommend to impose a sentence of life imprisonment without the possibility of parole."

There was little reaction from David Meyer as he learned his life had been spared. It took the jury of 12 about an hour to make the recommendation of life. Fred Parker's family reacts.

Rick Parker, Fred Parker's son, says, "We're satisfied, we're pleased that Mr. Meyer won't be able to do this to anybody else."

Before the jury went back to deliberate, they heard testimony from David Meyer's older brother, Dan Burke. He described a childhood of abuse and loss. He pled for his brother's life.

Dan said, "I love my brother with all my heart and I don't want him dying."

The defense also called upon Dr. Abbey Strauss who explained to the jury that Meyer suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome stemming from that horrible childhood. He believes Meyer was impaired due to that disorder in the few moments when he stabbed Fred Parker 11 times in Market Square.

Prosecutor Frank Allman and Public Defender Paula Saunders made their final arguments to the jury, asking: should Meyer pay the ultimate price of death?

Just an hour later the jury decided no, Meyer will now live out the rest of his natural days behind bars.

Judge Kathleen Dekker will make the final decision Wednesday afternoon. She told the jury she will heavily weigh their recommendation of life in prison.