Menacing Dennis

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With two storms brewing, State Meteorologist Ben Nelson jokes that he doesn’t know what he’s done to anger God.

Ben says, “This is the earliest that we’ve ever had four named storms this early in the season. Our records go back to about 1851."

While last year set records for damage, the season is very young and planners are worried about approaching Dennis. To them it seems like Ivan was just yesterday.

Ben adds, "It feels like we are right back into it without having much of an off season."

Dr. Wayne Hochwarter teaches organizational behavior at Florida State. He’s conducted surveys that show the workforce is still stressed after last summer’s storms, so much that many lower paid workers may sit the summer out if there is a repeat.

Dr. Wayne Hochwarter says, "The stress at work has such an impact on the stress at home that it’s just too much on a lot of folks, and given the choice they are going to choose to spend more time at home and take care of things there."

The threat of new storms is making prep cook Michael Harden nervous.

Michael was asked, “Have you recovered from last year?” His reply was, "No, we are still talking about last year's season, and now it’s back up on us again."

On the other side of the coin, L.S. Scarbary says he’ll roll with the punches.

"Maybe it’s time to move to Georgia," he says.

Hurricane season can certainly be stressful, but how you deal with it is up to you. Just in case you’re wondering, the storms after Dennis are Emily, Franklin, Gert and Harvey.