Brooks County Luring Businesses

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After nearly 20 years of stagnant economic growth, leaders in Brooks County are considering many different options, including the opportunity of becoming the latest "entrepreneur friendly" community in Georgia.

Fred Lamb, Brooks County Economic Developer, says, "This will focus more on the small business, maybe two, five or 10 employees. The statistics show in Georgia, 80 percent of growth is due to small business."

Adding just one small business to the town may not seem like much of an impact, but leaders say several businesses could really spark new economic growth.

Business leaders say growth is inevitable, but they say if they start planning for the growth now, it will benefit both current and future businesses in Brooks County.

Steve Burton, a real estate broker, says, "We are in an area of the state and in an area of the nation that is about to undergo a fantastic growth. We need to be in control of it, and this is an excellent way to do it. The growth would help current business as well as any people who come in."

That's why leaders want to follow Valdosta's lead and become an entrepreneur friendly community to help breathe new life, and of course new money, into their economy.

Officials in Brooks County hope to earn their "entrepreneur friendly" status by this fall.