Tom Brown Crews Take on Cleanup Job After Fourth Festivities

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Tom Brown Park's "Celebrate America" was a night full of food, fun and fabulous fireworks, but a big party requires a big cleanup for city employees.

Will Robinson, part of the City of Tallahassee cleanup crew, says, "It's absolutely, it's magnificent, actually. We do it every year. We like doing it. The tear-down is really minor. There's nothing to it."

There's garbage on the ground, discarded decorations and stages and tents that must be broken down or hauled away.

One thing's for certain though: there were a lot of people.

Scott Crawford, the owner of Backyard Burgers, says, "We did very well. We did great; traffic count was high. There were a lot of people here last night."

Tom Brown Park's supervisor estimates that there were about 25,000 people on hand for the Fourth of July celebration, a big number that requires just as big a cleanup.

Robinson says, "Got good crews, been working with them now for about 15 to 20 years, and that makes it easy, real easy. We enjoy it."

The cleanup may be big, but vendors say they're looking forward to next year's celebration, and crew members say they'll be ready to go again.

Cleanup crews say they arrived to work at Tom Brown Park around eight o'clock Tuesday morning.