Drive for Education

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Where there is a wheel, there is a way. It’s the name of a new student reward program at Lowndes High, which will wrap up with one student getting a brand new car for free.

"I like the cars, coming from what I drive, I'd like a new car," says one student.

The students now have a chance to win one of the brand new cars if they can achieve good grades and behavior all year long.

Megan Hunnicutt, a LHS junior, says, "I was impressed. I didn't think our school would do something like this to motivate us. I think it’s a good idea."

Ashley Browning, a senior, adds, "I'd love it because it’s brand new and it would be paid for and I would have worked hard to get it."

Students at Lowndes High who want to take part in this program must first sign a commitment sheet, and administrators say this is a great was to help encourage better behavior among a larger number of students.

Principal Wes Taylor says, "It’s a real incentive program based on attendance, kids making good grades, achievement and also behavior."

John Thrasher, a science teacher, says, "What we're doing is we want to reward the good kids for the help they give us everyday, hoping to bring on board some of the others."

And while only one student can win a new car, other top students will be able to win items like computers and other prizes, meaning every student has the incentive to take part.

The program is funded by teachers who've volunteered to donate the money for this rewards program.