HOPE Community Needs Help

It's a place homeless people can call home and get back on their feet.

It's neither easy nor common to raise millions of dollars and then use it to help the homeless, but that's exactly what's happened in Tallahassee.

Allan Katz, Tallahassee City Commissioner, says, "I think that we have a responsibility as a community to help those less fortunate, to give them an opportunity to get back on their feet and become productive members of our community."

Because the Tallahassee Coalition for the Homeless agrees with that sentiment, it opened the "HOPE Community" this past March, a campus for the homeless to come and live to get back on their feet.

Kay Freeman, spokesperson for the HOPE Community, says, "It's a high quality service and we are truly making a difference in people's lives, so it's expensive."

But now the coalition is admitting that the expenses of running the campus is more expensive than expected and will ask the City of Tallahassee for more funding.

Kay Freeman says, "$236,000 for operating funds for HOPE Community. The anticipated operated budget was not quite what we needed."

Despite what may seem like a large amount, some are hopeful the city will give the money.

Allan Katz says, "I'm very supportive of it and hope we can pass it through the City Commission."

The city will vote on the issue at its Wednesday meeting. Leon County recently approved a $56,000 challenge grant for the HOPE Community’s Capital Campaign. We'll let you know how the city votes.