Testimony Begins in Tallahassee Murder Trial

Victor Parker is on trial, accused of killing his fiancé and leaving her bullet riddled body in a parked car.

Robert Reigel was trying to watch a movie that night when he heard an engine revving and noticed a car, lights on, at the end of his driveway.

Robert says, "You could make out that somebody was in the car, but because the windows were so tinted there was no detail, so I knocked on the window and got no response."

What police found inside that car on Hartsfield Court back in February 2003 was the body of Evelyn Rosado. She'd been shot six times. Her fiancé, Victor Parker, is accused of pulling the trigger.

Robin Lotane, prosecutor, said, "There was blood that belonged to Evelyn Rosado on the pants Mr. Parker said he was wearing. You will also hear that a gunshot residue test came back positive. There was gunshot residue on his hands."

Prosecutors say that evidence and a trail of phone calls will convince jurors of Parker's guilt, but his attorney says Parker will take the stand and explain everything.

Greg Cummings, Parker's attorney, says, "He will explain to you where he went and the time frames will fit Mr. Parker's explanations."

What's not clear yet is what happened to Rosado's son that night. The four-year-old was with her when she left a shelter for battered women less than an hour before her body was discovered.

Testimony in the trial continues Wednesday, and Victor Parker is expected to take the stand.