Georgia Ready to Train More Parole Officers

Local parole officers say it's about time. From where they live to where they work, parole officers appear to track a convicted felon's every move.

Perry Price says the addition of new officers is always welcomed.

Perry Price, Assistant Chief of the Cairo Parole Office says, "The more hires we can get, the lower we can get our caseloads, the better supervision we can do."

Price works out of the state's parole office in Cairo. He says his office has one new officer currently going through the state's training for a very important job.

Mark Smith, Cairo Parole Officer, says, "We team up with the local law enforcement to gather intelligence on our parolees to make sure that the public is safe. Whenever we get intelligence that we believe would put our community in danger, we pass that on to local law enforcement and take the appropriate action."

State officials estimate that Georgia parole officers supervise about 22,000 felons, helping them make that important transition from behind bars to the outside world.

Price says, "We know where these people are and what they're doing and we're insuring that they’re living a law abiding lifestyle."

Caseloads for Georgia parole officers should continue to shrink. The state plans to train more officers again next year. It’s news that brings a smile to the face of Perry Price and his fellow officers.

Georgia's state Board of Pardons and Paroles says a total of 36 new parole officers are currently going through this year's training.