Celebrating Gadsden County Successes

Superintendent Reginald James says he wants to keep the trend going and does not want to hear any excuses. Teachers and staff members from across Gadsden County are celebrating the upcoming school year, increased test scores and the raise in salaries.

Reginald James says, "I think the raises in general says that we care about them and that we are all in it together."

Superintendent James feels the excitement of Tuesday's pep rally will trickle down into the classroom, making for a successful year.

Ana Keller of East Gadsden High School says, "Our kids are energized and they are excited in our town and county. School is like the center of their lives, so we have to continue to be motivated to keep them moving and positive."

For local city and county leaders, a successful school year means more money for the area.

Brenda Holt, Gadsden County Commissioner, says, "If the school systems are better, we can attract the businesses we want for our county. We can attract the citizens we want for our county."

Next week, Rasheen Jamison will begin her post as choral director for East Gadsden High School. She understands the high expectations placed on her by the superintendent and her colleagues.

Rasheen says, "No excuses, no matter whether you are a new teacher, old teacher, veteran teacher, no excuses; that message was tailored for everybody."

The hope is that if teachers and staff get the support they need, failure will not be an option. Students in Gadsden County report to classes Monday morning.