Speed Kills

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says in 2002 there were 13,713 speed related fatalities across the country. That's about one third of all the deaths.

Bart Cassidy of the American Safety Institute, Inc., says, "When you're doing 70 mph, you're doing 105 feet per second. If you tailgate someone at that speed, you can't stop that vehicle."

NHTSA reports that's the highest number since 1991, but some believe the numbers should be even higher.

LT John Bagnardi with Florida Highway Patrol says, "I truly believe in my experience as a traffic officer that they are. Speeding involved in crashes is very hard to prove."

Experts say the other causes that impact speed related car fatalities are the shape of the road, such as sharp curves, plus drinking and driving.

Bart Cassidy says, "Speeding is a critical issue in the united states. It is probably one of the most under reported causes of traffic crashes out there."

LT Bagnardi says, "People should be good drivers and not drive so fast that you endanger other people."

Driving instructors say the two second rule is one way to protect yourself, along with obeying posted speed limits.

The two second rule, in case you need a reminder, is this: pick a stationary object. Once the car in front of you passes it, count to two. If you pass that object in less than two seconds, you're too close.