Most Wanted Segment Proves Successful

We work closely with the Leon County Sheriff's Office and the North Florida Violent Fugitive Task Force to bring you fugitive profiles. The fugitives DEP Sam Bruce goes after are what you can call the worst of the worst.

"Murder, arson, sexual predators, kidnapping suspects, aggravated battery suspects," he lists.

Bruce is a deputy with the Leon County Sheriff's Office, but has been assigned to the U.S. Marshal's North Florida Violent Fugitive Task Force. He spends every day hunting down the bad guys who've seemed to slip through the fingers of law enforcement.

SGT Chris Chase with LCSO says, "A lot of these cases, they didn't have a lot of information, they've exhausted all means, they've done everything they can do to find these people."

What they needed was another set of eyes and ears, so our news station teamed up with the Leon County Sheriff's Office and the task force, creating the "Most Wanted File."

To date, we've aired 24 fugitive profiles, and from DEP Bruce says he's received 22 substantiated tips from you, the viewer, and from those tips he's made 12 arrests.

DEP Bruce says, "Information, viewer response has been one of the greatest things about apprehending these fugitives, without that, I couldn't do it."

DEP Bruce adds those tips from you have helped make our community safer. Don't forget, you can tune into to our Most Wanted File every Tuesday at 5:30 here on Eyewitness News.