Mr. Food: Jack Cheese

It's time to name a Cheese of the Month! And I should really be devoting the whole month to just raving about it! It's one of the true originated-in-America varieties.

Monterey Jack, or simply "Jack Cheese," was originally a local California cheese whose popularity spread first to the Southwest and then to the rest of the country! It's a creamy, mild, semi-soft type of cheese that comes in loads of brands and varieties that we'll find as sliced, chunked, and even shredded!

So besides coming as its creamy plain type, it's also available flavored, like some of these, jazzed up with pesto, salsa, horseradish, or jalapeño! Oh, lots more too! And when the producers age it, it becomes the perfect dry hard-grating cheese known as Parma Jack, which also holds up well as a table cheese in the warmer weather. That sure makes it ideal for our upcoming Labor Day picnics and patio parties.

So whether we eat it as is, or partnered up with our chilies and chowders, you know, because it's so mellow and enriching, or for easy melting on our sandwiches and nachos, potatoes and macaroni, Jack is always a super choice! The varieties add a lot of novelty also!

And it's being promoted a lot this month for some dandy sales in the dairy cases, which means we'll want to stock up and save on this all-around crowd-pleaser, because it gives us loads and loads of tasty ways to say "OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"