Mr. Food: Storing Blueberries

We're in the midst of big blueberry season! And last week when we shared an idea for some mini blueberry cheesecakes, the recipe requests came pouring in for that and requests for even more ”blueberry-licious” ideas, and with so many ways to enjoy 'em fresh at their peak, wouldn’t it be nice to have 'em on hand whenever we want them, but at today’s prices? Well, freezing them is the answer.

You see, the secret to successfully freezing them is to make sure they're completely dry so they don’t stick together. We simply place them unwashed and still in their original plastic pack, in a resealable plastic bag, or we can even transfer them to a freezer and the berries will freeze individually. That way we can remove just what we want, when we want them.

The trick is to wash our berries after freezing them, not before, and if our recipe calls for us to measure them, do that while they're still frozen. In fact, one of my favorites is to make an instant blueberry sauce by mixing together some fresh-frozen berries with a bit of jam, pop it in the micro, and serve it warm over any of our main courses or any of our desserts.

Of course, with blueberries being low in fat and all the news about them being powerful disease fighters (you know, chock-full of antioxidants and more), whether we enjoy 'em now or freeze our summer bounty for making smoothies, or cooking and baking in the months ahead, we'll never be singing the blues as long as we keep 'em on hand because…"OOH IT'S SO GOOD!!®"