Coastal Residents Brace for What Is Now Hurricane Dennis

Forecasters say Dennis could barrel through Florida's panhandle where vacationers are already feeling the effects from this summer's storms.

Walloping waves and gusty winds have vacationers laughing it up on St. George Island. It's the result of Tropical Storm Cindy, a system that flooded neighboring states, but brought fun in the sun to Florida's panhandle.

Suzanne Spore and her family are used to summer storms in their home state of Tennessee, but they say hurricanes are another story.

Suzanne says, “We'll be gone by Sunday morning, maybe won't get hit. It would be a lot of money to spend and get hit by a hurricane.”

But that may be a reality for residents of Franklin County. Forecasters predict Tropical Storm Dennis may head this way. When it gets here the storm could be a category three hurricane.

One area of major concern is Alligator Point. The road washes out. In fact, when Arlene came through crews worked frantically to keep this road in place.

Anthony Estler, a new resident, says, “We were down on vacation and the road washed out.”

Since then Estler has moved his family from Illinois to Alligator Point, saying it's the price you pay to live in paradise. His son agrees, but says he's ready to evacuate.

Jordon Estler says, “Ready to evacuate, pack up, board the house, get what we need and head out!”

It’s a likely scenario if Dennis hits here. Emergency officials caution people to make sure they have hurricane plans in place and stay with WCTV for continuing updates on Dennis.