Burglary Spree in Thomas and Grady Counties

Investigators say they're looking for information on a recent string of burglaries across the two south Georgia counties.

Investigators say burglars have hit homes along the Thomas and Grady County line. They say burglars have seized thousands of dollars in goods and believe most of the crimes may be linked.

Angela Reneau is one of the many burglary victims. She says burglars stole lawn equipment from her shed, and her sense of security.

Anne Reneau, a Thomas County burglary victim, says, "When something this small is taken from your home, it may not seem much to someone else, but that was a lot for me to have taken from me, and I feel violated."

Thomas County sheriff's investigators say they are looking into a few leads, but that they don't have any suspects yet, something they hope will change very soon.

INV Pascal Autrey of the Thomas County Sheriff's Office says, "We are asking the public, if anyone has any information, if they can give us a call here in Thomas County or in Grady County. We think we can clear up a lot of them."

Sheriff's investigators say they're encouraging area residents to keep a watchful eye, looking out for their neighbors and any suspicious activity.

229-225-3348 is the number you can reach Thomas County investigators at if you have any information. The number for Grady County investigators is 229-377-5200.