Killed by His Brother

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A family is still recovering Wednesday night in Gadsden County as one brother is killed by another.

Forty-year-old Paul Daniel Green is not officially charged with the murder; a mental evaluation will come first. According to Green’s family, his illness started to show during high school, but despite what he did to his brother Charles Green, the family says they still love him.

What starts as a deadly murder ends as a lesson in forgiveness. An altercation on July 4 between 40-year-old Paul Green and his 46-year-old brother Charles Green ends with brother Charles stabbed to death.

Authorities say just a few weeks ago at this home in the Sycamore community Paul said he felt like stabbing someone.

Anthony Brown said, "Once he got in my sight I just yelled for him to drop the knife. He dropped the knife. I ordered him to lay down on the ground."

Doris Card added, "I think if he had of been picked up in June when the orders were signed this could have been prevented."

Doris Card, sister to both brothers, says Paul had orders to be placed at the Florida State Hospital.

Linder Carroll said, "When he was on 'meds' he was someone you could love, a very warm person, but when he was out of sync he was very hard to deal with."

Sister Linder Carrol looks at a photo album, revisiting memories she has with both brothers. She says Charles loved to fish and garden.

Linder added, "In his last days all he talked about was ministry and discipleship, and if he went home he was right and ready with the Lord."

Carroll says the two brothers would often have brotherly spats, and on that one on the morning of July 4, Paul didn't realize he killed his brother.

Linder said, "He didn't know. He thought it was just another fight. The investigator told him Charles didn't make it."

A third brother, George, died of heart complications almost a month ago, so this family has gone through a lot.

Paul Green is currently at the Florida State Hospital where his competency will be determined before charges are handed down.

Funeral arrangements for Charles are set for Saturday at 11:00 a.m. at St. James Missionary Baptist Church in Sycamore.