Communications Upgrade

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Any time there is a major disaster or emergency, there is often a need for good communication not only between law enforcement, but between medical providers like hospitals and doctors.

That's why the South Health District is upgrading their communication system.

Mike Terwilliger, Emergency Preparedness Director, says, "One of the advantages we have with the new radios and phone system is this also gives us the capability that if towers go down, we can still talk with the two way radio back and forth with the shelters or wherever we have people deployed."

Meaning everyone at work responding to an emergency will be able to get the latest safety information.

Local residents say they're glad to know that health providers will have this new, reliable technology at their fingertips, especially in the event of a severe emergency or disaster.

Debra Adams, a Lowndes County resident, says, "I feel better for my family and our community as well. In the event of an emergency they will be able to coordinate and communicate quickly."

Jennifer Steedley, South Health District spokesperson, says, "Some of the range on the old phones wasn't as good as we needed it to be, so in certain areas we weren't able to communicate, but now, hopefully with the new system, we'll have 100 percent communication throughout the district."

Meaning static will not interfere when lifesaving communications need to be made.

Folks from around the 10-county South Health District received the new equipment Wednesday and are ready to use it in case of emergency.