Quitting Your Wine-ing

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Mary Register would like to be able to order her favorite wines over the Internet.

Mary says, “It's about access, variety and convenience. For people who enjoy wine, they should have access.”

Register says it’s not fair that Florida bans interstate shipments of wine to consumers. A federal judge in Florida apparently agrees, throwing out major provisions in Florida’s law.

While the ruling might seem to clear the way for consumers, Florida’s Department of Business and Professional Regulation is still enforcing the ban, saying the ruling doesn’t affect the entire law.

The issue may have to be decided by the Florida Legislature, which in the past has been reluctant to lift the ban.

Rep. Curtis Richardson says for him it’s a matter of collecting sales tax and making sure kids don’t order wine illegally.

Rep. Curtis Richardson, (D) Tallahassee, says, “I don't think it's an issue the Legislature has been interested in, but with this recent Supreme Court ruling, that may change."

Register is hoping Florida lawmakers will listen to consumers rather than the powerful beer and wine industry, which has blocked every effort to lift the ban.