Citizens Concerned Over Dirt Roads in Thomas County

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There is a process for paving roads in Thomas County, and officials say in order to pave a road, the majority of residents and property owners must want the road paved.

Tony Wooten, Director of Public Works, says a petition must be filled and that road is placed on a waiting list to be paved, but some citizens say they've been waiting for years.

Pastor Gerald Horne of Rose City Church of God says, "Approximately 1998, we put in a petition to the county to have our road paved, and as of yet we haven’t been unable to really come through with anything."

Wooten says the county is working on paving roads, but the county must follow the order of the petition list. However, citizens that drive on the stretch of Pinetree are concerned about safety, especially when it rains.

Mary Hudson says, "If you meet somebody on this road when it's rainy and muddy there is no place to pull, you just almost have to go in the ditch in order for two cars to be able to pass."

Wooten says the county is currently working on paving two roads, Buellah Church Road and Egg and Butter Road. They will continue working to pave other roads as time and money permits.

The director of Public Works adds that the county also takes care of road maintenance and it’s a priority that at times puts paving roads second.