Moving Experience

Lines of cars packed to the rim, police directing traffic, boxes and movers everywhere could only mean one thing: freshman move-in day at Valdosta State University.

Brian Converse says, "As you can see, the line of cars are in every single one-way street that's here, everyone is packed and everyone is honking. There's people all over the place, bags are everywhere."

And while moving is always a chore, many returning Valdosta State students were offering a helping hand to welcome the new Blazers to campus.

Dave Hadley, a parent, says, "Everybody's around here to help me. I didn't have to do anything, so my back's not going to be sore today. It's just a great day."

The unexpected southern hospitality was a welcome relief to some very nervous freshmen as well.

Kelley Sanders says, "It's nerve-wracking. You get here and it's a lot bigger than my high school. I'm excited to see what college life is really like."

But returning classmen warn it's not all fun and games.

Eric Clausen, a resident assistant, says, "Don't be afraid to try new things, but make sure you're here to go to school."

Many parents couldn't agree more.

Hadley says, "It is a four-year program and I want to make sure it's not a five to six-year program."

Not to worry, because after the dust settles and the boxes are emptied, classes are staring these students right in the face.

Upperclassmen and transfer students move into their residence halls on August 12. VSU classes start on Monday, August 15.