Gerontology Program Kicks Off at South Georgia College

As the city of Thomasville actively recruits retirees, Southwest Georgia Technical College is answering this call by recruiting students for their new gerontology diploma program.

Officials say the program will allow students to work in the community and become team leaders in hospitals and assisted living facilities.

Dr. Annie, Director of Instruction, says, "It's the best opportunity for students who think they want an allied health career and they just want to jump on the ladder, they want to get started."

The college's gerontology students will have their own uniforms that feature the school's colors. College officials say this is a way to set them apart from other programs as well as build pride in themselves, the school, and the gerontology program.

Tammy Bryant, a gerontology instructor, says, "We like being the first in everything so we're very excited and we hope it'll bring new numbers in."

Dr. Annie adds, "We're gonna provide that care. We're gonna be the leaders in providing that care for the geriatrics population."

Officials add the gerontology diploma is also a stepping ladder and students can pursue bachelors and masters programs.

They add that so far there has been a lot of interest in the program. The gerontology classes officially begin this fall, but college officials say students can sign up for summer courses and take core classes.