Gary Hilton Helped With a Horror Movie

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Gary Micheal Hilton confessed to the murder of a North Georgia hiker before being charged in February for the murder of Crawfordville resident Cheryl Dunlap. Authorities are now finding out the suspected serial killer helped produce a horror film over a decade ago. The Leon County Sheriff's Office says the Georgia Bureau of Investigation is in contact with the film's producer.

The film called "Deadly Run" is about a serial killer who hunts women he sets free in the woods. The producer of the film, Samuel Rael, says Hilton came up with the plot. For the 1995 screenplay, he says Hilton suggested, "go ahead and let some beautiful women out in the woods and then they could be hunted down like prey."

He even says Hilton helped find a spot for the shoot--a secluded cabin near Cleveland, Georgia. Just 30 miles southwest of the cabin, the body of Meredith Emerson was found, who Hilton admitted to killing in January. Producer Samuel Rael says he was friends with Hilton.

Rael said, "Everything that Gary did was crazy and unusual and odd, but not in a way that you think he would be violent." Rael, also an attorney remembers defending Hilton on several cases from trespassing to arson. He also says, when he heard about the latest charges against Hilton, it was almost word for word from the movie.

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