Catching Speeders in School Zones

The offense: speeding in a school zone.

Michael Peters, School Resource Officer at Swift Creek Middle School, says, "Do I think it's a major problem? Not at this time, but I do think it's a growing problem, and speed is always a problem."

Now there's a new weapon against speeding in Leon County: school resource officers. They spent the last few days learning how to use speed lasers and radars, and come Monday if you speed through their school zone they say you can bet they'll come after you.

DEP Robert Tricquet, SRO at Deerlake Middle School, says, "It makes it easier for us to ensure the safety of the kids coming to and from the school zone, if we can better monitor the speeds people are driving through them."

The school resource officers have been equipped with two radars which will be rotated between the schools, so they want you to keep in mind when you get in your car Monday, remember to slow down or pay the price.

Also keep in mind speeding fines double in school zones when school is in session.