Hybrid Cars Complicate Rescues

In a scenario, a man is thrown from a vehicle and trapped beneath it. Firefighters are using a special air bag to lift this SUV off of him.

Lifesaving lifts and strategic slicing: it has to be with the new technology out there. Firefighter say one wrong move on a hybrid car, which mixes electricity and gas, can actually electrocute them.

LT Jimmy Shiver if the Tallahassee Fire Department says, "They're dangerous to us as well as the patient, but you know we can be severely injured if we cut the wrong thing."

And as car makers add more airbags, front rear and side, firefighters working to free a trapped motorist now have to worry about sudden deployments.

CAPT Wes Roberts of the Tallahassee Fire Department says, "They deploy in fractions of a second in the area of 150 to 200 miles an hour, so if we are in that area it could cause injury to us. If the patient is in that area it could further their injuries."

This training helps to ensure firefighters know how to walk those high tech tight wires. Tallahassee firefighters have won two international extrication competitions. They are excited about the wins, but more so about being able to save people in real life wrecks.