Drive for Life

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Whether it’s in stop and go city traffic or the wide open spaces of the interstate, drivers are feeling less safe on America's roads.

Researchers say the biggest culprit is drivers distracted by cell phones. Local drivers who've seen their fair share of problems on roadways say a much bigger issue is to blame.

Katie Beth Roland says, "People have no consideration for you and they will cut you off and they drive at dangerous speeds, it’s crazy!"

Folks who've seen enough of the dangerous driving say they have a few words for people before they get behind the wheel of their car and go driving around town.

Dienese Williams says, "Pay attention to the road; turn your cell phone off while you're driving. Don't talk on your cell phone while you're driving, just be very cautious."

Roland adds, "I think people need to slow down and get off the cell phone at least until they get to a parking spot."

They are tips which could improve the safety of the roads.

Local law officers say stepping up enforcement of anti-aggressive driving laws could also help, especially in accident prone areas.

Researchers say if something doesn't change, you could expect the number of uncomfortable drivers to continue to increase, along with the number deadly accidents.

Forty three percent of all drivers polled admitted they talked on their cell phone, and officials say that numbers needs to be reduced quickly.