The waters along the Taylor County coast are usually jam-packed with boats during scallop season.

The possibility of rain has kept most scallopers away.

Sierra Spadaccini says, "If the weather is bad there aren't going to be a lot of people out here. If the weather's good you're going to see tons of people. It's almost impossible to get your boat in."

Florida Fish and Wildlife officers say just a few days ago there were about 1,500 boats out on the water. There were no incidents reported, but officials do want to remind scallopers of boating safety rules.

Boaters must proceed at idle speed in "no wake" zones and anywhere near scallopers. Scallopers must remember to hoist a "divers down" flag, which alerts other boaters that divers are near.

Jim Towles says, "Know your boat. Don't try to overload the boat and don't try to outrun anything. Go slow sometimes and you won't turn the boat over."

Scallopers should always keep life preservers on board, and of course, a salt water license is required. Scallop season began July 1 and ends September 10.