Florida Democratic Chairperson Defends Statement

While Hurricane Dennis decides which part of the Gulf Coast to visit this weekend, the Democratic Party in Florida has been riding out a storm of its own.

This Sunday on "The Usual Suspects," the party's state chairperson will be answering tough questions on the future of the party. For the first time, she will talk about her now famous assessment of the party.

Gary Yordon asked, "When you first stepped in, was your very bold statement saying this is an organization: I've not seen mismanagement like this in a long time?"

Miss Thurman said, "And so the conversation took place with my folks.”

Sean Pittman said, "You think you are having a family discussion. You are talking about your internal laundry and you are not."

"That is exactly what happened and that is where those comments came from."

Sean Pittman said, "And so you meant what you said you didn't mean it for those ears."

The rest of Miss Thurman's discussion with The Usual Suspects crew can be seen this Sunday at 11 a.m. on WCTV.