Locals React to London Bombings

We do know that all international students from FSU have been accounted for and are safe, as are 24 students and 12 faculty members from Valdosta State University. This is a very hard time for those who have lived and worked in London to see a city they lived in to be attacked like this.

Everyone we spoke with says this attack leaves them with questions about the future, the world once again reeling after another terrorist attack on a metropolitan city, with international recognition.

Despite being thousands of miles away, it still hits home.

Louisa Blenman, part of the international studies program at FSU, says, "My first reaction was concern about friends and families, and our Florida State students."

Louisa Blenman lived in London for 10 years while working for American Universities. She says she's feeing angry, upset, frustrated and worried.

Louisa adds, "In addition to the immediate effects, it's going to disrupt London, slow London down for a long time."

Lindy Davis, a recent FSU grad who's traveled to London, agrees.

Lindy says, "Man, that's the way to get people is their transit system. Everybody uses it there."

Both of these once-Londoners agree about something else.

Lindy adds, “I just hope it will have a uniting effect for England and the world, that it will unite people."

Louisa says, "They're resilient. This may throw them for a loop, but they'll get back on their horse and ride. They'll not let this rule their lives, a lot like New Yorkers."

Some of the concerns related to this attack are what does this do for relations between America and English, will this strengthen or weaken it? Also, what does this mean for the Olympic games? They are questions that are going to need some time before they're answered.