New Home Blues

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Brian Smith and his wife purchased a brand new house in Gadsden County. Smith says his dream of living in a community with a "small" town feel has quickly turned into a "big" problem.

Brian Smith says, "We love the rural atmosphere of this neighborhood, but what are we stuck with? A septic system that backs up, and our community is eroding. Our roads and our community is eroding and our builder is visibly not doing anything to fix it.”

Residents say several of the homes have defects, and in various parts of the subdivision standing water is a common sight. Neighbors say they've contacted the contractor and the county for help, but their pleas are falling on deaf ears.

Marlon Brown, County Manager for Gadsden County, says, "I think that the time has run its course and we are now at a point where we need to go in there today and start fixing what needs to be fixed or we're going to have a hearing with the commission and take it to the next level, which will probably be some legal action."

But in a statement to Eyewitness News, the contractor, Dan McClellan, says, "We are making every effort to resolve all the concerns including the failures of the septic tank and storm water failures on a timely basis and we're working with DEP and have agreed to a conceptual consent order to bring the items to code."

McClelan says he expect to fix all those problems within the next 60 days. The contractor has invited us to do an update on this story once the work has been completed.