Public Meeting to Discuss Tallahassee Development

Development there has been in limbo for years, but there may now be some progress to report.

When it comes to the many acres that make up Fallschase in Leon County, the only thing in stone, ironically, is a sign. Since 1974, the owners of Fallschase haven't been able to get the land developed for one reason or issue after another.

Rick Bateman, Fallschase attorney, says, "Fallschase wants to develop the property that was vested to develop, which includes 625,000 commercial square feet, 1,750 homes, which is 800 less than they're vested for, and about 200,000 square feet of office space. That's the compromise they're really willing to make."

Leon County and Fallschase developers are now negotiating a deal to get the dirt turning, one that will involve compromises.

Bill Proctor, Leon County Commissioner, says, "The county wants clarity about transportation, mitigation, flood and flooding responsibility, and the parties involved will appreciate and recognize the cost."

The consensus about the public meeting Thursday morning was that it went a lot smoother than other Fallschase related meetings.

Bill Proctor says, "The community seemed to breathe a sigh of relief that something secretive was going on. I think it was an opened, candid process."

But there's still a long way to go; a long list of issues both sides need to address before any more stone is added here.

The next meeting is scheduled for Wednesday the 17th at the Leon County Courthouse starting at 11 a.m.