Knowing Road Rules When Approaching a School Bus Can Save Everyone Trouble

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School buses and motorists have been a part of the morning landscape for decades. The bright yellow buses make frequent stops, and by remembering rules of the road, drivers can help ensure students' safety, as well as their own.

Twenty three million students nationwide begin and end their day on a school bus. The greatest risk isn't riding the bus, but getting on and off.

Lt. Jimmy Williams with the Leon County Sheriff's Office says, "Many kids walk to the bus stop before the sun comes up; walk on the left-hand side of the road facing traffic so traffic can see you and you can see traffic."

Since several students stand waiting for buses before sunrise, another concern is stranger danger.

LT Williams says, "This day and time [we] see it all on the news, strangers and abduction, people need to be vigilant and notify law enforcement."

Law enforcement warns motorists they have zero tolerance for drivers who illegally pass a school bus. If you're caught, you could face a hefty fine or a trip to court.

The Leon County Sheriff's Office will continue its program of having a deputy on board to keep watch for drivers who illegally pass school buses.