Sting Operation Nets Prostitutes in Thomasville

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Residents in this Thomasville neighborhood say it's pretty quiet during the day, but they say that that all changes at night fall.

"You see prostitution, crack heads, just anything you wanna see. All you basically got to do is stand on a corner," says one resident.

Investigators say 29-year-old Priscilla Hansell and 27-year-old Ella Delores Clark are facing prostitution charges.

Police say the two were nabbed during an undercover police sting near Stevens and Green Street this week. Investigators say the sting used new officers posing as would-be solicitors.

SGT Melvin Johnson of the Criminal Investigations Unit says, "According to the information that we've received, these are young ladies are operating on their own. Far as we can tell at this time, there is no pimps involved, it is just individuals that are operating their own little thing."

SGT Johnson adds that investigators believe both women were soliciting to support drug habits. Area residents say they hope police crackdowns will rid the area of prostitution.

"My children point at them like, ‘ooh mama, what are they doin'?’ You don't want to go tell them, oh they doing prostitution, or crack head looking for something."

Thomasville investigators say they will continue these sting operations until the city's prostitution problem is under control.

In Georgia, prostitution is a misdemeanor. Police say both women will appear in the state court in Thomasville.