VSU Students Upset Over Proposed Parking Lot

Troy and Emily look forward to afternoons with no class, a Frisbee and some fun on VSU's front lawn.

Troy Stephens says, "It's good to just come out here and play Frisbee. Just to relax, have fun, goof around with your friends and enjoy the beautiful scenery on the front lawn."

But a proposed expansion plan for this parking lot could mean part of this front lawn will be paved over, and students say they aren't happy about it.

Emily Zimmerman says, "I want them to know students out there do care and if you can get enough people and enough media attention then maybe something can be done."

VSU officials are afraid students don't realize the area will become part of the walking mall, which means all the parking spaces here will be new green space. They say the idea is to keep the encroachment on the front lawn minimal, giving students as much play area as possible.

Scott Sikes, Vice President of University Advancement, says, "It's not that we are building some new parking space or that we are going to pave over the lawn."

VSU leaders say they have to redesign the existing lot to include a new exit.

Jim Black, Vice President of Finance, says, "Right now what we are dealing with is a way to turn the cars around to get them out."

But students say they still fear VSU leaders are paving paradise to put up a parking lot. Construction on the Nevins Hall parking lot is scheduled to begin within the next two weeks.