Accused Murderer Testifies in Tallahassee Trial

Forty-two-year-old Victor Parker claims he has no idea who fired the fatal shots killing Evelyn Rosado.

An emotional Victor Parker took the stand Thursday, recalling the final conversation with his fiancé Evelyn Rosado on the eve of her murder.

Parker says Rosado called him that day to pick up her young son C.J. and requested he take the child back to his place. The next morning he received a knock on the door from police.

Victor Parker said, "They said, 'do you know Evelyn Rosado?' I said, 'yea, what's going on?' He said, 'I'll tell you in a minute, I need to ask you some questions.'"

Earlier in the trial the state presented results of a gunshot residue test, citing residue discovered on Parker's hand. Parker says he does own and carry a gun and has a permit. He claims he checks it everyday before taking it to work as a cab driver.

Victor says, "When I take my gun out of the cab and bring it in, I take it out of the holster. I always clean my gun. I always check to see if there is a round in the chamber. Then I place it on top of the closet."

Parker says the last time he fired his gun was on New Year's Eve, months prior to Rosado's death. Final arguments began Friday morning.