Electronic Medical Records System

Sick airmen at Moody Air Force Base won't have to wait as long to see a doctor. It's just one result of the 347th Medical Group's new electronic record system called Composite Health Care Computer System, or CHCS 2.

Michele Baxter is all too familiar with the arduous task of tracking down patient files and records from different military medical groups around the nation.

Michele says, "People arrive here and they don't have paperwork, they don't have documentation of their last visit, they don't have a medical record, and so we don't know what's been done in the past for them."

But that won't be the case for much longer. Moody is switching over to a new electronic medical records system, which means military members can go to any base and know their medical information will be waiting for them.

Martha Blackmon, a patient, says, "Yeah, that will be great because when we're traveling around we can stop at any base and not have to have our records."

LT COL Bert Scott of the 347th Medical Group says, "For the patient it'll give the provider more accurate information quickly, and for the provider it will hopefully make their job a little bit more streamlined and efficient and let them get their tasks done a little more quickly."

Eventually, CHCS 2 will replace all paper-based health records, eliminating the possibility of misplaced charts or test results and making health care on the base much more efficient.

Medical providers say patients may experience a slightly longer wait while the group switches over to the new system.