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Investigators say when they arrived on scene they found Bonnie Martin and her daughter Connie Martin both shot in the head.

Bonnie's husband called 911 Thursday afternoon after investigators say he found his wife and daughter dead inside their duplex. Thomas County sheriff's investigators, Thomasville police and the Georgia Bureau of Investigations all arrived on scene.

Investigators say that this appears to be a murder/suicide.

INV Pascal Autrey of TCSO says, "Possibly the mother had shot the daughter and then turned the gun on herself."

News of the murders has sent shock waves through this quiet neighborhood.

A neighbor says, "I think the residents were surprised naturally to see something like this going on in the neighborhood. They came home to a lot of police activity at the house, and it seems that nobody knows a lot of information."

Investigators are now waiting for autopsy results.

INV Autrey says, "We have a few days before we'll probably know anything on the autopsies. That's gonna tell us a lot in the situation. I think the autopsy will be performed in Atlanta."

Investigators say the autopsy results will give them more insight into what happened and help them decide how to proceed with the investigation.

Investigators add that to cover all bases they are also looking into the possibility of foul play, but have no suspects or motive.