Friendship Games

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Twelve-year-old Sullivan Pollard wrapped up his final laps at the Valdosta YMCA pool on Friday, making the final preparations for an international competition in Australia next week.

Sully says it's a thrill to represent his country in the pool.

Sullivan says, "It's amazing. I never thought I would get to go on something like this, and it's not just swimming. I also have a cultural deal, so I get to meet a lot of people, I get to see the Sydney Zoo. I get to see a lot of things."

Sully was nominated by one of his many swimming coaches, making the trip even more of an honor for he and his family.

Sully is not the only local athlete heading to the games. Another girl from Tallahassee is playing on the girl's volleyball team. Local parents say they're very glad to see so many local kids representing the United States.

Curt Pollard, a parent, says, "We're really proud of them both. These kids have worked really hard to get where they are at today, and it's really great these kids have such an opportunity to represent their country, their states and their communities."

They’re representing our region at an international competition, and also learning a lot about the world they live in.

Curt adds, "It's a heck of an opportunity."

It’s a fun opportunity that hopefully will result in a few wins for Sully and his American teammates.

The competition takes place next week in Australia, and we hope to keep you updated on how well our local athletes preformed.