Where's Harold Ragan?

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We recently caught up with Harold Ragan tackling some yard work in retirement.

Ragan says, "Grady County is celebrating its centennial this year. The big day is August 20 and I'm trying to grow a beard for it."

Beard or not, Harold Ragan has an impressive resume of service: 28 years in the Air Force Reserve, 36 years as an ag-education teacher and 16 years in the state Senate, beginning with his first election in 1986.

While in Atlanta he served as chairman of the important education and agriculture committees. He said his reward was bringing money and resources back to the small towns and the people he served.

"You can ask any of the mayors of the small towns from Attapulgus to Climax to Colquitt, and they'll tell you, ‘heh, heh, I delivered.’ "

Ragan remains active in his church, the Mason's and the American Legion. He says while he's had his swing in the political arena. He's not going away. He recently served as chairman of the local Democratic Party committee and plans to stay tuned in to state and local politics.

"I feel like I'm leaving. I'm leaving my family a legacy that they can be proud of, my children and my grandchildren."