Boaters, Coastal Residents Weigh In on Approach of Dennis

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It was business as usual in Carrabelle, Florida. However, one couldn't escape talk of the weather as all eyes tracked the storm, but so far boaters are waiting for Dennis to make the first move.

Silence settles over the serene setting, a calm before the storm as boaters wait and watch for Dennis.

Most owners say they are taking the storm in stride, waiting until Dennis crosses Cuba before deciding if they'll pull boats out of the water, yet vacationers like the Lefevre family from Alabama aren't wasting any time packing up and heading home in hopes of getting a jump-start on Gulf Coast residents heading inland.

Lori Lefevre says, “We remember what it was like with Ivan; everyone ran out of gas and had to get hotels. We wanted to leave before anything happened."

While Dennis dances across the Caribbean, Carrabelle boaters hope to only see the softer side of mother nature. One marina we stopped in said they have been flooded with calls from boat owners curious about space and what to do with their vessels.

But most owners are waiting for Dennis to enter the Gulf of Mexico before they make any major move. However, Wakulla County officials are urging boat owners to move their vessels to safer ground now before it's too late.