Fire Breaks Out at Tallahassee Apartment Complex

It happened at the Jefferson Pointe apartment complex, and fire investigators are still trying to find out where that fire started and why.

As flames shot through the roof of building five, witnesses say a woman leaned out of the third story window screaming for help.

Darrell Ford says, "I told her, listen, you're just going to have to trust me on this because that apartment is on fire and you've got to get out."

City lineman Darrell Ford is the one who convinced her to jump to safety.

Darrell says, "When she let go we tried to catch her, but she was a little too heavy for us to hold on it and she just went right by us. Then we picked her up and moved her out of the way."

Maxine Montgomery, an eyewitness, says, "I gave her one of my rain jackets to put over her and they were trying to comfort her until the paramedics arrived."

Twenty-year-old Ebony Henry was the woman injured in the fall. Those on the ground say she may have broken her leg and was complaining of back pain before she was loaded into the ambulance.

Marcus Tanelus, a Jefferson Pointe resident, says, "We were banging on all the doors, initially in our building, then we went around to the other side just to see if everyone had made it out."

Luckily they did. Fire residents say alarms did go off and sprinklers did deploy. Five apartments were damaged by fire and investigators are trying to figure out what started the fire and why.

CAPT John Gatlin of the Tallahassee Fire Department says, "Right now we're focusing on the investigation on the non-living areas, rhea balconies and the attic."

Ebony Henry is listed in satisfactory condition, but we have no word yet on the extent of her injuries. A spokesman for Jefferson Pointe says 21 residents were displaced by the fire. They're being relocated to other apartments in the complex.